Battle Tested

High class, just surrounded by these low lives
In the game, but they wanna focus on the low lights
The mistakes, out here dying just to be great.
But folks talking greasy like a Philly Cheesesteak
They say it costs to be the boss & you’re a cheapskate
Married to success but she really ain’t a cheap date
Grinding so long, used to have my emotions sewn on
The end of my sleeve and my depression would roll on
December’s own, barely anything is set in stone.
Keeping my head down so they don’t try and lead me on
They say that this is the greatest time we will know
Presidential status, no first lady, no Jackie O.
When it comes to shooting your shot, you must reload
Finding her sanity is harder than finding Nemo
Used to sing now the only thing I hit are C-Notes
Keep my emotions covered up, soul wearing’s a peacoat.
You spend your whole life trying to get noticed
And when you finally get noticed, you realize the shit’s bogus.
I’m in a good mental place, hands down like 6:30
Can’t look at my mother for too long, when she struggles, I worry
Don’t want them to crown me too early like they did with Steph Curry
They want me to visualize success but my sight is still blurry
Trying to find the things I need to focus on
Getting impatient because success is taking too damn long.
But the pace can’t be arranged but it can be accepted
And if you work hard enough, change can be requested.
And if you show a little faith and prove that you’re invested
You’ll look back at all of this being proud you’re battle tested.

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