The Return of Kyrie Curving

First off, you already know who I was dealing with
Told myself, no running back, leave that stuff to Emmitt Smith
Leave that stuff to Walter Payton, leave it all to Barry Sanders
People keep questioning me but aren’t staying around for the answers
Might fall in love with an exotic dancer, just to say I did it.
If she threw it at me, it’s disrespectful not to hit it.
Told these folks I’m gifted, born right before Christmas
Need a good loyal girl, put it 5th on my wishlist
First 4 requests are either for the family or the money
But I can’t pay for peace of mind so no one can take it from me
When I was young, I was ugly. Always somewhere mumbling
I appreciate things now because my childhood was humbling
The topic of discussion, tribulations turn you rugged
It’s Mr. Shoot Your Shot and I’m out here getting buckets.
Saying you’ll snatch my soul like it’s not heavily protected.
People talking wild like I’m not heavily respected.
Can’t hang my head for too long because I’ll miss what is coming
On my ’07 Kanye, these folks can’t tell me nothing
Placing bets against me because they’re thinking that I’m bluffing
Hide feelings behind an iron curtain like I’m a soviet Russian.
I’m dabbing on these fools like I’m Cam in the endzone
Harlem shaking through the pressure, moving out the friendzone
Feeling a little better now, not listening to sad songs
Feds keep sneaking pictures but why they leave their flash on?
New Year’s resolutions, make more moves, less announcements
They’re throwing obstacles in my way, but I just keep pounding.
Used to be in plays but I no longer deal with the drama
If one of my ex’s acted right, she would’ve had tickets to Rihanna
Women keep testing me to see if I’m worthy
I’ll bring ‘em to the city & send ‘em home in a Reds jersey
These rumors no longer hurt me, these haters no longer serve me
Sidelined with an injury, now I’m back like Kyrie Irving.

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