The Dark Ages

Flirting with people you don’t want to be with

Word to the actors, shout out to will smith

Messing with me, I might just hit the kill switch

Yeah I moved on but some days I’m still sick

King Diddy, if you know me know I’m holding on

Right where I’d thought I’d be, all along

Pray for me, they thought they were saving me

But when it comes to the game, you know I play for keeps

People talk cash but neglect to save receipts

Waiting on my demise? I’ll make you pay for seats

Of course they know me, me and my thoughts walk lockstep

Angel in my ear telling me to trust the process

Devil in my ear, telling that he hasn’t seen progress

From the outside looking in, do they think I’m a hot mess?

Women going in and out, might look like I’m in dire straits

Innocent until proven guilty, I might just beat the case

Wondering if they love me now, wondering if they ever did

Might not have a choice now, gonna have to trust the kid

May not have earned the trust, but I know they heard of us

Young black and gifted but they’re painting us like we’re murderers

They say that we kill dreams and kill relationships

I tell her don’t gas me up unless you plan on taking trips

It hurts to hear that your “best friends” were talking shit

It hurts to imagine the girl that you care for, taking it

So I block it all out my mind, put blinders on

Lean on myself like Future does with the Styrofoam

Started from the bottom like I was October’s own

But I’m a Christmas baby, I’m in a whole different zone

Lifestyles of the young, black and jaded

How am I 24 and jaded? Life is supposed to be amazing

And by some accounts it is, especially looking at the resume

But because I don’t trust people, there’s some things I never say

When you open up and get made fun of for being soft

Only emotion that’s acceptable is anger when you want to be the boss

So I write these scribes, omission is usually the way I lie

But it seems we’re coming to the dark ages, so everything’s do or die.

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