No More Parties in January

They either love me now or they love me not

Shoutout to the haters, the reason that I stunt a lot

Treated her like a nun a lot, she hated being called a thot

I’m all about the money, she’s all about the money shot

Crazy victims you can’t even pay to listen

I might just end up missing, still working on my diction

Working on my addiction, playing all my positions

It’s Mr. Shoot Your Shot, I just added precision

Can’t be shooting recklessly, you don’t wanna mess with me

Old women abusing my feelings domestically

So I admit it, yeah I lashed out, need to go the fast route

Weight of the world on my shoulders, tryna blow her back out

We’re going finding nemo, cancel her like Nino

Used to have a Spanish girl, said she hated Gringos

Had a Cincinnati chick, she always loved Grippos

Talked behind her friends back, called those girls hippos

Everyone isn’t a movie star but I’m out here playing my role

These niggas all look the same even without the school clothes

Shot my shot at a lightskin chick, then she let the DM sit

They telling me to have patience, girl I know you seen that shit

They thought they had me down and out, I’m rising like a phoenix is

People left me down and out, but I’m learning what forgiveness is

Thinking they can read my mind, trying to finish my sentences

Gotta handle her with care, I know that she’s delicate

But she know I’m walking like I’m the president

Young black man, finally finding self confidence

Wanted to be popular but didn’t want the politics

Tell all these fools to get a grip like polident

I don’t need your 2 cents I just need some common sense

With that? I can get paid in full, shouts to money Mitch.

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