Lucky Me

Would you rather they love you for the wrong reasons or hate you for the right ones?

I swear I come alive every time that the night comes

They see me like an icon, bout to blow like an atom bomb

The haters are all trying to band together like decepticons

These fools don’t even know me, don’t play me like a crony

I looked you in the eyes and you lied to me like a phony

So how am I supposed to trust others?

You the type to run from blunders, to go undercover

You trying to hide all the things that we covet

They say life’s a game, we’re just trying to get some buckets

They keep fouling me and not giving me my and 1

I went from “3 on a good day, to I think he’s kinda handsome”

Money doesn’t change things, most time it just amplifies

Whenever folks did me dirty, I went to God to get sanitized

I lived on the naughty list but got gifts like I had Santa ties

When I say I feel you, I really mean that I emphasize

And it’s often noted that I can be misquoted

Played the second fiddle, like I was Ms. Rowland

I’m a book that’s not open, I just give y’all a preview

Life is a stack of hay, finding my truth is the needle

You think you’re coming for me but I done already seen you

They love you while they need you, then they discard and mislead you

Skin is black like a beetle, trying to turn into the Beatles

Trying to fly like an eagle, dodging the BS they feed you.

For the success I’m hungry, the pain just numbed me

Wish Obama could fund me, need me some Powerball Money

Addicted to ambition like a junkie, I had to live with a conscience

I was dealing with nonsense that was halting the progress

My mom needs a cottage, with a ranch beside it

Don’t even need to do shit with it, she’ll have somebody buy it

Don’t take my kindness for weakness, motherfuckers have already tried it

My resolutions are recited, I think my granny would like it.

All the fussing and fighting, it’s really energy sapping

You look up and years passed by, you wonder what happened

You fell in love with fashion, but my heart’s not on my sleeve

I grew up being lied to and deceived, I guess it always stuck with me

That’s why I’m shocked that certain people stuck with me

Because I been betrayed by folks who said they trusted me

But I still landed on my feet, I guess lucky me

I guess I still landed on my feet, lucky me.

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