2016 Come Up

Some say there’s levels to the shit

Lost track of all the levels that I hit

It’s my time according to the watch on my wrist

2 months ago, I didn’t think that this would exist

Focus on me, I got these quotes on me

Like the Voice, take these notes from me

I remember falling asleep because I was too hungry

I couldn’t even afford to get the munchies

Dealt with the thunderstorms, now I need the sunny

Don’t know about you but I need this money

I ain’t even tell these folks I was coming

Kept it quiet so you think I ain’t stand for nothing

Moving through these streets like a politician

Don’t ever let them tell you that it’s wasy to get it

You have one chance and it’s really easy to miss it

2015 had a lot of people treating me different

So I took the notes and I set it aside

Should I be an asshole or just let it ride

This ain’t playground, can’t just let you slide

They understand your pain, they just don’t empathize

Swinging for the fences like it’s the World Series

Got 3 drafts of the “ghost of girls” series

Can’t even let these folks get near me

They trying to make sure that y’all don’t hear me

Speaking the truth, I think the world fears me

Like I’m standing with diamonds and pearls near me

Hella valuables and yet you’re talking bull

I gotta keep eating because my plate is full

Can’t let these fakes try to get me in a lull

You see me working, let me put this work in

Because my mom likes designers, she needs a Birkin

When they think you got money, they start flirting

My nephew got a birthday list that I got to hit

I gotta push past those who keep talking shit

Because some comments don’t deserve an audience

And besides, I gotta focus on all of this..

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