The Reign Will Come

You already know who I do it for, they hate me and they love me still

Dealing with a rollercoaster, turning it into a highlight reel

Rock and roll lifestyle working to get back on my feet

I know they worried about me, I hear the rumors in the street.

Focused on myself now, everything else will fall in place

Trying to make my granny proud, prove to her I’m no disgrace

King of the city now, watch my ascendance to the throne

Working on my resume, your ex-girlfriend might take me home

Like the Syracuse orange, I’m always staying in my zone

Pointing out my target with the accuracy of a drone

Don’t take my kindness for weakness because I’ll kill you

They saying that they love you but don’t know the real you

They ain’t prepared for the world, I wasn’t prepared for these girls

I promise I ain’t balling until I can buy all the diamonds and pearls

For the people in my life that was there when I had nothing

Hell, I done cheated death so I always look like I stole something

Happiness is fleeting, reevaluating my life every weekend

You reap what you sow and it’s time to start reaping

I ain’t wait for 2016 to realize people needed leaving

You don’t announce your moves and people think you’re creeping

But it’s ok, I’m about to kill the game but unlike OJ

I’m gonna get away with it & stay out of jail for my days.

You know me, I am grinding, just biding time before my raise

All about my chips like an investment in Frito-Lay

Down in the dumps, had people telling me I would be OK

Keep it 100, never thought I would even see the day

But now that I see the day? I gotta seize the day

When it comes to pressure, I move through it, I Harlem shake

Staring at 2016, planning myself for big things

I got a fairly small team but I still need some of these big rings

Hanging with the big wigs, they tried to shut me down

But you can’t stop the reign, I’m coming for the crown.

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