A Christmas Miracle

Remember, remember the month of December
My heart is cold like a Midwestern winter
I gotta defend us, they won’t even miss us.
They stay talking slick but won’t admit that they dissed us
I’m young and I’m gifted, and I express myself lyrical
Came on the scene like a damn Christmas miracle
They lie about needing you, this is soul food I’m feeding you
Can’t worried if you start to believe what isn’t true
To be honest, I hate to lose. But I took some L’s in 2015
Got to the point where even the ordinary stings
Got to the point where I thought I didn’t deserve big rings
Hit rock bottom and I stayed there for a minute
But then I brushed the dirt off and started to get it
I know my decisions and I own my decisions
I stay in the cut like I was the incision
Doing things you can’t believe like it was the inception
Married to the money so I can afford the reception
I’m dodging the traffic and I’m dodging recession
The school of hard knocks I learned all of my lessons
Life sure will test ya, sort of like a pop quiz
But it must have forgot that I’m like a top whiz
Whipped into shape like they whipping the base
Stole a couple women’s heart but I lost in the case
Got me running through their mind like I’m out of shape
Success is a tease, only wants to give me a taste
Mr. Kyrie Curving but I’m still working on the rehab
Addicted to a couple things, pray I don’t relapse
Devil stole my happiness with no gun or ski mask
But in 2015, it was like depression was a new fad?
Dealing with demons that scared off all my company
Playing hide and seek with my demons, they tried to hunt for me
Ex girl didn’t wanna be damaged so she runs from me
Yeah she was beautiful but the world was getting ugly
One of the darkest summers, one of the warmest winters
I ain’t equipped to ride the pine because doing that gets you splinters
So I’m getting back into the game for the world to witness
Looking just like a miracle that came before Christmas.

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