The Funhouse Mirror

They say get out of your feelings like I’m not already trying

I always tell ‘em I’m ok, sometimes I be lying

Sometimes you gotta remind yourself, homie you’re part Lion

And I hang with smart people because iron sharpens iron

Easy to compare yourself to others, especially those “doing better”

But comparison between friends is something you should do never

Because we don’t know behind the scenes, we only see highlight reels

Can’t understand how they feel and truthfully, we never will

Depression can lead to a silent kill, I’m supposed to be the man of steel

Solidering on with war wounds that didn’t get time to heal

That’s a dangerous concept but I was feeding into all the nonsense

Just broke up with my ex so I needed some new conquests

And I got them, but at what cost? Didn’t replace the girl I lost

Didn’t replace the hole in my heart, my psyche was still falling apart

Missing the one woman in my life that was always there for me

Remembering when she used to try and cut my hair for me

It was a hot mess but my grandmother did her best

Tried to prepare me for every test, taught me some, I learned the rest

Except I didn’t learn to rest, now I got this feeling in my chest

Replaying shit over and over, soul just filling with regret

How could I have done this different? How could I have done this different?

But if I believed in God’s plan, I should know there’s no difference

I always prayed that I would be my mother’s golden ticket

Jumped right into the deep end, trying to swim with the fishes

Try to hang with the big boys, can’t afford to take a big loss

Unless we’re talking weight loss, been in the gym like Rick Ross

Around me, it seems, like someone is always pissed off

Either me or my haters but this road to riches I can’t get off

Allowed myself to be sidetracked for so long

My days as an underdog, I had to prolong

But they’re throwing me the chances, I have to go long

Why can’t I wear my heart on my sleeve? Is vulnerability so wrong?

In a short answer, yes. Always show these people your best

Can’t let these folks see you sweat, can’t let ‘em know you’re stressed.

Don’t let ‘em know your quest, don’t let ‘em know your dreams

Just let ‘em know that in life, things aren’t always what they seem.

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