Temporary Love

They always wanna know about the city that made me

Can’t point it out on a map  but the upbringing’s crazy

Rememeber when I thought I needed a woman to save me

But the woman that raised me, I’m still her little baby

Even though I’m a grown man with grown man problems

Trying to get my checks up to grown man balling

And these girls keep calling but I hope they aint distracting me

They say I got the recipe, they say they’re done stressing me

I’m giving thse people a lot of me, learning to deal with the rest of me

I know people who think the best of me and folks who couldn’t think any less of me

Preparing for the day of reckoning, and I don’t even know what that details

Sliding in the dm’s, flirting all throughout these emails

Sometimes these lovers are temporary, actually most times they are

But this temporary love can leave some permanent scars

Trying to be a permanent star, they asking me if I shine bright

I barely like sharing my plate, how am I gonna share the limelight?

Get a co-star, from the city where there’s no stars

We all got some baggage but I want mine to be Goyard

I’m swinging for the fences with these women, Go Yard!

I remember people doubting me, that’s the motivation for me to go hard

Dealing with people’s broken hearts, cut myself on a few shards

All’s fair in love and war, so sometimes we bleed a bit

Heart so cold and this world’s so cold, it might just go and freeze a chick

I know a couple folks on their Jesus tip, I know this world needs more of it

I’m grinding like I don’t need a starter kit, they don’t know how hard it is

To deal with the temporary, deciphering what’s necessary

Was always the type to show some love, no 14th of February

Can’t stay still, the future doesn’t reward the sedentary

But I’m out here killing my thoughts of self-doubt like the cemetery

The way people can turn on you quick is honestly very scary…

That’s why I don’t wanna deal with love that’s temporary.

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