House Divided

The communication breaking down, we both don’t understand each other

The way we argue back & forth, it’s like we can’t stand each other

The way you’re racing to conclusions I swear you’re burning rubber

But every other comment is how we should uplift each other

But we just diss each other, wandering eyes towards another

But we’re supposed to be husband and wife, we’re supposed to be sister and brother

Black man, black woman. 2 peas in the same pod

We both attract so much controversy, we’re both some lightning rods

We’re both fighting huge ass odds, we don’t get the luxury of a façade

Even when we’re overworked, we don’t get the choice to stop

But black man, black woman. We’re constantly arguing with each other

And the messed up thing is, we both blame it on one another

Y’all love telling black men that they aren’t shit

And we respond right back with, damn stop being a bitch

Even if you try to be a pacifist, they say you’re on some passive shit

We’re already carrying burdens, do we really need to add this shit?

We get tired of the men bashing, y’all say we ain’t here for y’all

We’re wondering what happened, when you go out there, we fear for y’all

Y’all get tired of the slut shaming, and the objectification of y’all bodies

Y’all want us to #SayHerName and stop following y’all the whole party

There’s common ground we can both reach, lessons we can both teach

If we both actually find a seat, and actually listen when the other speaks

It shouldn’t be this hard of a feat, shouldn’t be this hard to complete

I shouldn’t feel that we’re as far apart as Michael Strahan’s front teeth

Women can state preferences for beards & height, characteristics you can’t physically change

But man can’t state his preferences for weight, the reactions simply won’t be the same.

Conversely, women are held to a standard for body counts that men rarely are

And they often have a glass ceiling that prevents them from shooting for the stars

There’s give and there’s take. Educated people should be able to work something out

And to actually have civil discussion without someone going and flipping out

There’s bad apples in the bunch and there’s crazy people in the mix

But don’t let real life get influenced by the social media fix

Because in real life? The black man and black woman are very much united

Because we can’t ever truly win if we have a house divided.

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