Championship Bottles

In order to be great, you got to know when to start

And people gonna talk but don’t take that shit to heart

I been studying up and I been working so hard

Just to prove to myself that success is not a façade

That it’s a real thing because I got some big dreams

Poppin’ bottles like a championship team, I want some really big rings

I might just even cause a scene, they say I think too obscene

Y’all quote MLK but have you read more than just his dream?

I’m halfway between Martin and Malcolm, it just depends on the outcome

Rather be made fun of for having a dream than to live life without one

I’m going off the top of my head, look at these ideas that are spouting

I’m on the road to riches but my GPS keeps re-routing

I’m here for my friends when they need it, they say that they’ll do the same

But how come I’m so forthcoming except when it comes to my pain?

I want it to because of good things that they remember my name

They say you’re working too hard, you shouldn’t be ashamed

I say, just case you ain’t noticed, I lost one of the women I loved

And that was right after me and my latest ex had broke up

I told ‘em all the women I like in my life, just end up leaving

And since I can’t depend on them, I got to prove I don’t need ‘em

I’m out here writing these poems, this is how I get through the grieving

I keep my head to myself because these rumors can be misleading

Can’t let this shit get to you, easier said than done

Out here poppin’ gold bottles, they ain’t even announce that we won

Speak it to existence, this boy got more gifts than Christmas

I just got a bad chick and a million dollars to check off my wishlist.

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