Race to a Million

On a race to a million, got my face to the ceilings

Got me knees on the floor, please Lord forgive ‘em

“Has he lost his religion? Is the greed gonna get him?”

He’s trying to have heaven on earth, will his wings still fit him?

Even when I’m not talking fast, they probably still won’t listen

They call me “fake deep but I ain’t even done digging

I want to sit in the living room and be impressed with progress

But the thing about progress is that it’s usually a slow process

They tried to keep the monster hidden, don’t deal with the Loch Ness

I always gamble on myself and I’m willing to make side bets

Me against the world? I don’t wanna even look at the point spread

Can’t continue to let negative thoughts get in my head

Race to a million even when my legs might get tired

Working so hard they can’t even fathom me getting fired

Ambition is fully loaded, the haters are duly noted

Gotta take it by the horns, can’t wait to get promoted

Gotta make my pockets even deeper than the ocean

Because when I’m drowning in my work, the money keeps me floating

I’m allergic to the notion that I welcome all the commotion

Haters talking greasy like they stumbled upon some lotion

I had my share of losing, learning from losses is overrated

Look at where I came from, I was never supposed to even make it

Race to a million, I know my mother’s gonna be elated

Focused on myself, I tell the women I’ll see them later

Refrain from making statements, unless I can afford to back it up

Used to treat me like a joke now I’m the one to laugh it up

Let’s be honest, their logic really isn’t just adding up

But I’ll never let someone tell me I don’t want it bad enough

Looking at these chances like man, I can’t pass these up

Tripping over me? I’ll make sure you bite the dust

Race to a million, I can’t afford to slow step

Never knew if these women were a compliment or a conquest

People’ll knock your block off, if you come here with nonsense

You can’t ask God for a sign and then ignore what the sign says

I’m focused, this is the way to save a life

Said it once, I don’t really prefer to say it twice

Look at how it’s unfolding, they treating me like I’m golden

What exactly are you proposing? You telling me that I’m chosen?

Used to want to find bae like I needed directions to Oakland

Had to make it happen, couldn’t rely on wishing and hoping

They trying to dictate how they paint me, let me pick how I’m posing

Keep it straight to the vest and they telling me to be open

But I tell them, there’s 2 rules you follow in order to hit your goals

And the first one is never tell anyone everything that you know.

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