Beauty in the Struggle

Focused on the diamonds, focused on the money

Gotta keep my head down because I’m not very trusting

The championship banner I’m looking at is so lovely

Beauty in the struggle, aftermath of success can be ugly

They tried to say I’m insane, just so they can discredit me

They say they liked the old me but I like the better me

They wonder what I’m cooking up, tryna steal the recipe

I have my goals in mind and I don’t plan on settling…

She asked me if I ever been in love, I had tell the shorty, no

I’m the type to play my role, I always know when to give and go

They tried to get in my way, turned it into a pick and roll

What’s gonna happen next in my life? You never know

I had the highs and I had the lows, I been lonely, I had the hoes

Time for the king to return, the emperor’s got new clothes

Young man with an old soul, got experience but I’m still learning

I know these women ain’t perfect, trying to decide if she’s worth it

I really don’t wanna to lie to her, I might not be the guy for her

Dressed in all black because this life is to die for

I almost lost it all like Scott Storch but I still had to press the right buttons

Women be like, “yeah I like ‘em but I’m not sure if I can trust him”

Keep my name all out of the discussion, I don’t like unwanted press.

These poems are like exercise, got to get the weight off my chest

One of my best friends sat down and told me she missed my smile

She was like, “I haven’t seen it in a minute, you’ve not been happy for a while”

Couldn’t even say nothing, couldn’t offer no rebuttals

Losing my girl and losing my grandmother in the same month? Double trouble

This is the soundtrack to save a life, beat the odds, now let’s do it twice

Place your bets on me, gamble on me, but trust me when I roll the dice

Heart used to be as cold as ice, now they’re wondering if it thawed out

I can’t confirm that but I ain’t letting rats in my damn house

For those who slept on me, hope they repossess your damn couch

Ok maybe I’m bitter, but I prefer bitter over ever being a quitter

Been drinking too much, need to calm down have respect for my liver

Been hurt more times than I honestly even care to admit.

Changed my perception of me, I forgot I was the shit

But here’s to personal growth, heard my ex had a dude & didn’t even react

If you’re not adding to my life, you get subtracted. You do the math.

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