Exchange of Power

When you’re with me, you feel strong meanwhile you’re my weaknessIt’s called the exchange of power, what’s happens is the sequence

You don’t want anyone to easily score, you’re playing tough defense

But teams always let their guard down when they prevent

I tell you, “you don’t need him” and you’re telling me I’m right

Ms. Protect yourself at all times, you been through some fights

And he used to calm down the swelling by giving you some ice

But that type of shit takes a toll & he didn’t pay the price

I got highs, I got lows, I have some things you want to hear

And if you listened to my ex, I’d have things you wanna fear

My whole mindset wants to change when you get near

I’m like a kid on Christmas, I can’t wait for you to get here

But to be honest, I don’t like this feeling homie

I don’t like the fact that you got me fiending homie

I remember for a long time, you were just the homie

And that’s how you’re getting to me because you got to know me

You were exposed to the good and bad of my lifestyle

When I’m in the storm, you brighten it up with a light smile

And when I’m around, you start picking up a little swagger

But real life doesn’t always end happily ever after 

But if life is like a puzzle then we’re both missing a few

And I don’t know if I can find what I’m missing in you

And you don’t know if you can find what you’re missing in me

You say we need some time apart, I think that’s the last thing we need

Because ain’t no breaks in relationships, only breakups

And every time we make up, you gotta go and fix your make up

So I’m conflicted on doing things different or remaining the same

If you got some ideas, tell me, I’m open for the exchange

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