She’s Just Not That into You

She’s just not that into you, that’s the world that we live in

Sorry for bursting your bubble, I hope all is forgiven

I’m talking, you listen. This ain’t New Edition

Ain’t nothing wrong with her telephone line

If you hit her up, she’ll tell you she’s fine

You shot your shot at her because you think she’s a dime

Or maybe a nine, at least give her an 8

But if you bought her dinner? She’d take it to go & give her nigga a plate

That’s messed up but that’s the rules to these games

Good performances doesn’t always get you rings, ask LeBron James

If she don’t text you back quick enough?

That might be a sign, it’s time to give it up

I know a lot of people that haven’t given up

Even though she’s told them, she ain’t gonna give it up

Promotions from friendzones are uncommon and fleeting

She skips over the heart eyes comments you’re leaving

You always gotta ask, “am I gonna see you this weekend?”

And she replies back with some shit like “I got a meeting.”

In your mind you’re like, “Chick, who has a meeting on Saturday?”

But you actually reply back, “Maybe another day?”

If she cancels without bringing up alternative plans

She really didn’t plan on meeting you, fam

A long term future she doesn’t see in you, fam

She hasn’t talked about you to her friends or her fam

Because honestly? She’s not giving a damn

Too bad you can’t take back those Instagram likes

She’s crushing your ego, that’s a hell of a price

This the type of curve that gets a fella to fight

Your life ain’t working right? You try putting it in rice?

You got her number so you started believing the hype

Showed your boys her picture, they all saying ‘Nice!”

Thinking you about to get run with the starters

But to her, you’re a break from the actual ballers

I ain’t trying to be rude, I’m trying to help

Because I been through this scenario myself

They call me Mr. Shoot Your Shot but some shots have been bricks

I couldn’t even get open, her friend kept dodging the pick

I wish I had someone telling me what not to do.

That’s why I’m telling you dog, she’s not into you.

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One Response to She’s Just Not That into You

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    This is a very entertaining poem. I thought only women had this problem with chasing after men who were not interested. It is brutal, the pining after others’ attentions. But what I’ve learned is that sometimes the pursuit is often done to prove a point, so score points. “She likes me and wants me, time to drop her and move on to the next.” Like a basketball game, you keep dribbling and taking shots until you score. But one point is not enough. Some men like to pile them up. x

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