Tell Your Friends

I used to be the one that worried about what people thought

Now I’m worried about the path I’m taking to be the boss

Dealing with conversations, dealing with complications

I remember when I was disappointed, now I’m learning patience

Wonder if they’re happy with the monster that they created

Wonder if I finally make it, will I feel elated?

Or will I feel relief because my success has been debated

The old ways of measuring me feel antiquated

I don’t understand why we’re making things so complicated

I lived through my character being assassinated

I add a little flavor to everything, it’s like I’m some spicy Cajun

When I get close to my dreams, I swear my heart be racing

Got my eyes on my prize, glasses fixed my vision

Because too many people were worried about how I’m living

How about we get out of here then say we never did it?

Not instigating nothing but I’m with it if you’re with it

You ain’t gotta tell your friends about it, girl let’s keep a secret

When it comes to me versus my demons, ma’am I’m undefeated

Even when they get a hit, I remain bloody but unbowed

Because I been doubted from the time I was a small child

I didn’t grow up a screw up, they just told me I was

Now I’m addicted to success, out here chasing the buzz

Even the dealers in my city knew I had a bright future

They say “stay away from this block, we don’t want to lose you”

Had to promise my pastor, I’d let him dance in the White House

Looking at these mansions, like one of these is gonna be my house

My mom deserves the world and maybe even half of the moon

So much of my life has changed since June

They considered me a nuisance, they wondered when I’d lose it

I been called all types of names, I was a fraud, I was stupid

I was immature, they said I’d never been taking serious

Now I look back at it, like “were we really serious”

You get curved, you bounce back and you shoot again

I’d suggest not counting me out, you better count me in

Shoutout to all the mental energy, I had to spend.

So when they ask how I did it? Make sure you tell your friends.

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