Should’ve Told You

They should have told you I was on a roll

Used to be cuffed, now I’m on parole

Keeping all my business on a need to know

Asking guidance on where I need to go

Focus on money, everything else is disappointing

If you ain’t talking business? You need an appointment

I hear them talking shit, they’re in need a toilet

I ain’t gonna lie to you niggas, my problems assorted

If I were to ever fall off, they’d probably enjoy it

Believe none of what you say unless it’s recorded

I’m sorry but it’s the way I have to deal with things

If people taking shots? I’ll let the chopper sing

I admit I can be petty but I’m working on it

The successes at the end will be worth the moments

Of sacrifice because it prepared me to be fully loaded

Tried to throw me off my game now I’m back up on it

I’m gonna win and it’s not because I lack opponents

I’m gonna win because I have the right components

I’m never gonna ask for the lighter load

Can’t expect people to stop for you when you’re on the road

They should’ve told you, I be on some other shit

They should have told you, I ain’t for the sucker shit

Started as a child, now I’m grown

I just want the women, I’ll get the money on my own

They should’ve told me to look out for myself first

Words can’t even hurt me anymore, I’ve heard worst

After this last time, I’m on higher alert

Found the key to success in myself when I did the search

No matter the success, I’ll never feel entitled

Even when I’m having dinner with my idols

Even when I’m outperforming all my rivals

Even when I come up on a couple models

Keep my circle small, Jesus only had 12 disciples

And even a couple of them turned on Him in the bible

They call me Mr. Shoot Your Shot without a rifle

You can have a great performance and still not win the title

Around here we call that LeBron James

Performing like the MVP and still ain’t got the ring

Meanwhile I’m going through similar things

But they should have told you it’s about to be a change.

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