For the Love of Myself

Baby be yourself because everyone else is taken

Waiting for my glo up, it’s hard to be patient

Place all the obstacles in front of him, bet it won’t faze him

People taking shots at me but they’re only grazing

Young, black, somewhat reckless and almost famous

Push our backs against the wall then they blame us

For taking a gamble like we were in Las Vegas

For the love of money, sometimes the motives are shameless

They keep trying to ask me who hurt you

People were sleeping on me like it was past their curfew

I’m just trying to be a good example for my nephew

Work hard enough and God will bless you

Man at least that’s how I hope it goes

My contempt is growing like the nose on Pinocchio

Pretty sure there’s some people who hope I’m broke

Think they have me on the ropes but it’s rope-a-dope

Can’t let self-doubt creep in for too long

Cut that hate out of my heart like it’s a coupon

I was one wrong move away from the group homes

So wouldn’t it be cool if I could buy my mom a new home?

Now I can admit that I ain’t made it yet

But I believe on myself and I’m placing bets

Used to have the weight of the world on me, a lot of stress

Waiting on me to break down publicly? Don’t hold your breath

Caught feelings for a little while, forgot the rule of no strings attached

Felt like I lost 92 women, my homies had to tell me to fall back

Wasn’t focusing on what was important, distractions can be gorgeous

I knew I wasn’t picture perfect, doesn’t mean you discard the portrait

But one person’s trash is another person’s treasure

Sometimes the bullshit you go through actually makes you better

So I’m focused on my foundation, really starting from the bottom

Because circumstances change often like the leaves when it turns Autumn

And I promise not to broadcast whenever I start balling

Because I don’t want those who slept on me to start calling

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