Say Hello to the Bad Guy

I just try to give people my point of view

People will want your story but ask everyone but you

Can’t continue to throw shade at me and expect me to act cool

But when you react then they blame it on you

But it’s cool, I’ll fall back if it’s necessary

Heart turning colder than the middle of February

I haven’t even reached my peak, that’s very scary

These people acting cheesy, we call that very dairy

People want to see fireworks like I’m Katy Perry

Want to intercept my shine like the Jets secondary?

Putting God first, everything else is secondary

I came from a line of kings, my royalty is hereditary

Only belief half of any story that you’ll ever hear

It feels like I find myself in some bullshit, every year

If I leak the info I know, I could end careers

I looked in the mirror when they told me to face my fears

My biggest fear wasn’t that I was inadequate

But that I’d set the bar so high that I’d have to quit.

The game changed so that meant I had to shift

Betrayed by those close to me, I was mad as shit

But because I don’t necessarily let everyone in

My story was being told from the outside in

Meaning that you take what you see and extrapolate

What I tell you about assuming? For goodness, sake

I was starting to feel like Meek Mill when he beefed with Drake

Thinking I wasn’t even responsible for my worst mistake

But instead of sitting and moping, I got angry

And stole all the brushes from which they tried to paint me

Say hello to the bad guy, every story needs a villain

Plot twist: the story of the villain is what’s written.

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