Sprinkles Are For Winners

I remember someone once told me that sprinkles were for winners

I have a date with destiny, can’t be late for the dinner

Been doubted so many times I lost count, don’t remember

But here’s the plot twist, I came out as the winner

The hatred was ingrained in my heart like a splinter

Because these motherfuckers had me bent like a fender

Keep bundled up like I’m preparing for the winter

I ain’t gonna lie to you, I’m both a saint and a sinner

I’m the result of mixing determination and wit in the blender

Sprinkle some bounce back and you create this nigga

Came from the depths but avoided destruction

Was broke down and rebuilt like some major construction

I’m the type of person you don’t invite to the function

Because I’m the type of person that takes over the function

Life can crumble faster than a blueberry muffin

I play my hand I was dealt, you wish you could know I was bluffing

I don’t need to be inserted into the discussion

Gotta separate myself from the leeches and their suction

Grinding so hard I might need a reintroduction

Paid so many dues I need a tax deduction

If you can’t trust your friends you need a crowd reduction

Because I’m the type of dude that hates asking for something

Came from mothing but everything is on my wishlist

I been gifted, I was born right before Christmas

Shedding the dead weight like I’m focusing on fitness

If you don’t clap for me when I win you look real suspicious

Ambition is my main thing, success is my mistress

Gotta take the punches because this life can be vicous

Man I wish my granny would be able to witness

I got my life straightened out even after it’s been twisted.

One girl had the never to tell me that I’m too dramatic

Best thing I ever did was not settle for average

I’m the type of person to upgrade my hut to a palace

Obsessed with money and women, well at least I have balance

Working on my game plan for both even though I’m single

Because sprinkles are for winners and I want some damn sprinkles.

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