The Re-Up

I’m the king of the city, don’t let nobody tell you different

But I still got the nerve to be stressing over women

Reporting on my tweets like it’s the damn evening news

But when I was at my lowest point, baby where were you?

Looked to my left and my right, they had your boy stranded

They want a soundbite but they can’t fuck with my bandwidth

All about this money, it done turned me into a savage

Getting money hungry, looking at stacks like a sandwich

Focused on myself and all the rest will fall in place

Too many people were tryna watch my fall from grace

From now on, I’m keeping my feelings locked up in the safe

Because I tasted failure and I didn’t like the taste

Center of attention? Man, nah y’all can keep it

Y’all really don’t know how well I do at keeping secrets

Because if I wanted to get petty and decided to leak it

Y’all better pray to the Lord because I promise y’all would need it

Dragged myself up by the bootstraps but at least I had boots

Every woman I was tripping over, at least she was cute

You only lose when you talk back, so I keep the shit on mute

Because I don’t need any of my enemies rallying the troops

Even at my lowest day, I still couldn’t panic

Attacks from everywhere, I admit they did damage

All my women had a screw loose and I didn’t plan it

Because I signed up to be their man, not a mechanic

But I had to get my gloves on, starting fixing all my issues

Can’t cry over spilled milk, throw away the tissues

And pray to God that I never drunk text and say I miss you

I don’t know if I want to do that even if I meant to

But I’m getting off track, let me focus on the re-up

It is the summer time I guess tempers gonna heat up

Ain’t got time to relax, to kick my feet up

Because I don’t know when me and destiny gonna meet up

And I gotta be ready, wearing the suit and the tie

Gotta be armed with both the truth and the lie

So don’t ask me no questions until I’m really ready

I ain’t the same dude that I was when you met me

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