Stay Low & Build

I’m just riding around my city, understanding who I need to focus on

I need to start keeping the bible in the car just in case God needs to ride along

I often do my best work when I write alone, leaning on me like Styrofoam

Because I’m the person they look to when they need the strength to carry on

Building an empire from the ground up, fighting through all the bad luck

Your words are like improper fractions because they really don’t add up

We tell guys to pull their pants up like that’s the end all be all

I gotta focusing on building my life so it’s ok if I don’t see y’all

She says we don’t communicate. My words bright enough to illuminate

When you’re building towards something good, people are gonna hate

And some say they’re supposed to hate, adversity builds a stronger state

To be honest, I ain’t thinking about you, no more mental real estate

I stay low and build I keep my grand plans inside this mental safe

Because every bad bounce? People have started thinking I’m gonna break

Keep most of your moves private, everyone don’t need to know your business

I might plan to steal a girl’s heart but this time ain’t gon’ be no witness

The rumor mill can be quite vicious, some people tryna stand right with us

I be giving out gifts, makes sense because I’m born 3 days before Christmas

We seem to have the desire to spoil somebody, I say, why not yourself?

Focus on your health, stay low and accumulate your wealth

Because we live in an era where people even advertise the advertisements

I feel the haters getting close to me, no college football but I’m giving them the Heisman

They want me to choke under pressure just so they can refuse me the Heimlich

Staying low and building because it’s getting crazy in this climate

Money doesn’t fall from trees, you actually have to get up there and climb it

Psych majors wanted to analyze me like I’m not their man but their client

Working on myself, both a mental and a spiritual diet

And I been saying this since I was young, I’m still Middletown’s finest

People want to worry about me, say that they heard about me

Appreciate the condolences but negativity can’t be around me

I’m staying low and building because otherwise people seem to doubt me

My best friends are my biggest fans, they the only ones that seem to tout me

It’s like that old time Negro Spiritual, “Back then they didn’t want me”

Once I get on they gon’ all want me, everyone who says hi to you ain’t all homies

Sucks to say but you stay low because some people just stay phony

That’s why my future plans are gonna stay need to know only.

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