I don’t know how to describe it besides I feel like the man in my city

Sipping D’usse when I listen to Hov, sipping Ciroc when I listen to Diddy

Focusing on getting this money and taking all of my niggas with me

Because my plan is to ball so hard, I make all of my old women miss me

Give no fucks yeah? We don’t give no fucks yeah

People leaning on me like I’m in a double cup yeah

What is trust yeah, they came to fuck shit up yeah

Subtracting all the fuck niggas because they shit ain’t adding up yeah

I admit I was down for a minute but it always come back to me homie

I have a condition that makes all the old things seem wack to me homie

If you ain’t on your grind, all your efforts just seem lack to me homie

Eating the punches life throws at me, I swear it’s like snacks to me homie

See I gotta get my grind up because it feels like my time’s up

Niggas keep going for my head like they tryna give me a line up

Swear I’m balling on these homies, put me in the starting lineup

Changing people’s perceptions even though they making they minds up

Trying to get this paper trying to stack and stack

They keep throwing bullshit at me hoping for a heart attack

But I’m feeling better and I’m grinding harder

Scratch that, I ain’t grinding harder, I’m really just grinding smarter

I’m feeling good, yeah I’m back on my grind now

It may take a while but it feels like the perfect time now

I ain’t where I wanna be but I’m for sure getting closer

Momma always told me, I’d figure it out when I got older

Started from the bottom, working my way up the ladder

All about my money because honestly that’s all that matters

Well that’s not all that matters, don’t worry about my family matters

Blood’s thicker than water so don’t test me when the blood gets splattered

Lost two bad darkskin chicks, had to re-up

Date with destiny, it’s bout time we meet up

I plan on taking million dollar meetings with my feet up

My ego’s a little bruised, I admit it’s been a little beat up

No time for stragglers, no time for babblers

All I want is people around me are of a certain caliber

I had to step my game up once I wasn’t getting the results

Had to worry about solutions instead of worrying about faults

They keep trying to raise the bar but I mastered the pole vault

The way I beat the odds, the odds tryna charge me with assault

Jesus keep me near the cross, starting to know how to deal with loss

Had to save to pay the cost in order to become the boss

And I’m still working on it, shoutout to those working with me

I hang with one of the realest in the city, all my haters gonna miss me

I go hard in the paint like my name is Demarcus Cousins

Coming from the most hated and I’m gonna make sure I’m beloved.

Poker face getting better, they can’t even tell I’m bluffing

I’m just the type of person to make sure y’all have new topics of discussion.

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