Clear ‘Em Out

I’m gonna be honest, I ain’t really the type to vent
I’m the type to realize that a woman’s the best money I ever spent
I look at women like investments, they look at me for leverage
But if I ever get thirsty, all I need is a cool beverage
I done lost my grandmother, that’s a fact I’m dealing with
Or understand that even in hard times, I’m still the shit
But people all up in my business, wondering when they’ll be finished
Want me to show my feelings? Better study & become a dentist
Trying to creep all in my picture, but it’s a selfie for a reason
I can admit I miss some people & still realize I don’t need ‘em
They say finders’ keepers and I got some things worth keeping
To be honest, I got dreams that I can’t see while I’m sleeping
So I’m up for max hours trying to get a max contract
Grinding so hard, they think I’m tryna convince my ex’s to come back
Man that was a joke, please don’t report it as a subtweet
Because for every person that hates me, there’s 2 folks that loves me
You would think people had law degrees the way they try to judge me
I get in modes, where I need my space, so don’t try to touch me
I’m a mess, I’m the best, some have called me the second coming
She wants to get the pipe, be careful who you consult for plumbing
Catching her off the rebound, I feel like Andre’ Drummond
The time to be most aware is when it feels like everything is humming
Keep some B’s around you and suddenly everyone started buzzing
Tired of answering all these questions from mothers, sisters and cousins
My poker face is getting better, everybody thinking that I’m bluffing
I might need to get less social because I’m the trending topic of discussion
Rumors, slander, doubt, all of these swirling around me
Last time I tried to chase after a girl, I ended up pulling a hammy
I could sing my own praises like I’m trying to win a Grammy
But what would that do is people still don’t understand me?
Is it on me to worry about? Or on them to go figure it out?
They through my name in the dirt, I lost blood and sweat tryna dig it out
I get in my modes, and they start begging me to hear ‘em out
But once I get in my modes, all I can think about is tryna clear ‘em out

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