Live From My IPhone II

When it comes to these situations I often write what comes to my mind.No matter how much I want it, there’s no shortcuts when it comes to the grind.

That being said, according to the clock, it’s almost about time

To blind every one of my haters with the way I’m about to shine

My glo up isn’t complete yet, had to fall back had to reset

People keep going back and forth on their opinion like its a swing set

Or is it more like a see saw, I see jealousy when I see yall

Hoping wishing, damn near doing rain dances to see me fall

Can’t give yall that satisfaction, trust me I know, no Bo Jackson 

Yall enjoy killing dreams and mine doesn’t deserve toe tagging

What you call anger is what I call passion

When I was down, I heard yall laughing.

But I had to get myself in order quickly, that’s more my fashion.

Much to my surprise, I think I found the key to happiness

Stop listening to everyone else’s definition of what happy is.

Accomplishments don’t have expirations

Don’t succumb to people’s expectations 

Because their opinions doesn’t matter unless they’re giving us reparations

Becoming happy with my mind, body and soul is something of a tall order

God designed to have me reach for the stars, otherwise I would have been shorter

I can secrets that can never be reported

Master plans that’s never been recorded

Every time I see the girl of my dreams, I wonder if I can afford it.

I have been destroyed emotionally and came back to tell the tale

It seems like I lost more dimes than errant tosses at the wishing well

Trying to be such a good person that even my haters gotta wish me well. 

Well, that doesn’t look like its gonna happen, guess I gotta give them hell. 

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