The Honor (How I Cope W/ Tragedy)

Sometimes the only way I can articulate myself is through writing

When life gets tough, I can’t dash like a hyphen

Even through the nonsense, this life can be so exciting

It costs to be the boss, have you done research on the pricing?

I lost my grandmother, I hope she knows I love her

But it would be selfish of me to wish her here just so she could suffer

Working hard for my mother, trying to cover up all these blunders

Trying to make success sustainable, no more one hit wonders

I’m just thankful that my granny at least got to die from natural causes

The same can’t be said from those in the church in Charleston

God has a plan for whenever he plans to call us in

Meanwhile I’m acting like the king & my best friends the parliament

Can’t house these negative thoughts, gotta kick ‘em out on some apartment shit

Can’t drown in the deformity of the politics

Rough around the edges, I’m great but I need some more polishing

They stacking up obstacles, God’s helping me with the demolishing

Me breaking down isn’t exactly breaking news, at least separate this break in 2

Can’t afford to break down mentally, can’t afford to look like the fool

Defensive and apprehensive, feels like I’m fighting for attention

Strike that, fighting for contention. My win-loss record? Won’t mention

Anxiety is about as detrimental to your body as hypertension

I admit we all like attention, but you can’t value it like a pension

Damn I miss my grandmother, the real version, not this broke down carbon copy

She’s the reason that I don’t think none of these haters can stop me

Instilled in me a confidence, that the family I came from is tough

Yeah we were taught to suck it up, dared you to call our bluff

That’s why when the nonsensical shit turns into things making a fuss

I get so annoyed, I start to cuss because she wouldn’t stand for this stuff

She would tell me that I’m better than that, even when I wouldn’t agree

Because she lived a great life but wanted to provide a better one for me

So I gotta come through and deliver on her beliefs

She invested a lot in me, I have to come deliver on the receipt

So even though today, I tell my grandmother rest in peace

I leave her this promise, there won’t be no rest in me.

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One Response to The Honor (How I Cope W/ Tragedy)

  1. Kumar Gautam says:

    Confusion and state of mind comes out so well in your writing.

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