56 Nights

Life ain’t fair, but the real ones they just deal with it
Even if I get thrown a curve, I’ma still hit it
This that type of shit that just makes you feel different
Life done cut me up, but a real one gonna heal with it
All the blah blah blah, all the back and forth
Don’t let a real one go on and hop off the Porsche
Excuse me, I mean go and hop off the porch
I ain’t there yet but I’m making progress of course
I been doubted for it seems like the past 56 nights
I’m gonna swing for the fences even if I have 56 strikes
Tryna have enough accomplishments for 56 lives
And my mind sharper than 56 knifes
Came from the bottom but I sure ain’t staying there
Just hooked up with a chick, don’t know why she still laying here
Wish I was a magician, make that chick disappear
I’ll act like I care, do a better job than Richard Gere
I’m in the zone like a 2-3 defense
They don’t want me to score, they putting on a prevent
But this poetry is the only way I can cleanly vent
Treat me like a dog, don’t be surprised when I hop the fence
Working on myself, crafting master plans you ain’t heard about
Rumors of my demise? Those seem to be spreading by word of mouth
Sometimes it feels like god’s only blessing the wack niggas
They say the ball’s in my court? I ain’t giving it back nigga
Everybody coming to me, asking me about my ex chicks
I tell those people don’t watch me, watch Netflix
Be careful what you say to me, I hate feeling disrespected
Chip on my shoulder’s grown so big, it’s turned into a necklace
Dealing with some fools who would die to be accepted
Me on the other hand? I’m used to being rejected
They say it builds character, they say it’s preparing you.
They tell you the horror stories, just to see if it’s scaring you
Think about it, is it really the United States of America?
When if a black kid encounters a cop, odds are, they’ll bury ya
So that puts all the things I’m going through in a different light
Because even through the nonsense, I ain’t dying off stereotypes
Focus on the goals, allow it to steer my sights
And I bet you, I make something shake in 56 nights…

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