Friday Night Freestyle: Preparing For Summer

People act like when I called myself King, it was just some empty bluster
I’m like your arrogant stepfather, I’m a bad motherfucker
Ain’t no point in talking to one another if we’re just talking over each other
I don’t know if you believe in me or if you want me to suffer
Like a boat with no rudder, your direction needs to be discovered
Putting the full court press, hoping I react to getting smothered
Be careful who you share your info with, people act interested
Then share it with the world and I can’t even say that’s feminine
Because men do it too, know your place and know your role
They trying to push all of my buttons like I’m a remote control
But I just put you on mute if that nonsense you can’t rewind
They wanna call me a lazy boy because sometimes I just recline
But I’d rather recline than overwork myself to the decline
So when they ask me how I’m doing, I always tell ‘em I’m fine
Even when I’m not because we have to speak it into existence
Meanwhile I’m tryna sneak my way onto Halle Berry’s wishlist
My chance is here, did you think I was gonna miss it?
I put my emotions in the freezer, revenge is best served as a cold dish
You ain’t gotta play hockey for me to acknowledge you’re a cold chick
I mean your personality because your looks are actually average
People getting angry that I been stunting on ‘em for a tad bit
Most of the people are playing a part, shouts out to Brad Pitt
People can’t hold on to the truth like they forgot what a latch is
But I’m gonna shoot my shots like I’m Dirk on the Mavericks
I fashion myself a rockstar in the future like Lenny Kravitz
Just off of what I tweet, you think you really know my status?
Because I don’t have the energy for arguing, they deem me passive
But my name shouldn’t be near your lips, I’m not chapstick

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