The Bounce Back (Learning From My Mistakes)

They say, “Calvin I ain’t like these other women”

Then they go and act just like these other women

But it’s whatever, carry an umbrella for the rainy weather

All this nonsense makes me stronger, it makes me better

Getting focused now, I don’t trust these insects or locusts now

They tried to trick me but I ain’t falling for the hocus pocus now

But I ain’t hopeless now, just more mindful who I give my hope too

A relative rookie but I’m out here learning pro moves

Try to play me? And we can turn this thing back to old school

Y’all really don’t want me to turn to a savage with no rules

Don’t take my niceness as weakness because I ain’t gonna need it

I might just ignore you everytime you wanna set up a meeting

Might just ignore you every time you wanna go for a greeting

Might just ignore you when you wanna hit me up one evening

Don’t blow your chances because ain’t no such thing as solo slow dances

Tired of putting the hopeless in the term “hopeless romantic”

My mind’s moving fast now, my thoughts are getting frantic

You didn’t want to ride because the struggle you can’t stand it

I guess I’m a late bloomer like I’m a 2nd round draft pick

Hella potential but the lack of experience makes me average

But you can only get disappointed so many times before you change

This is a promise to make sure you remember my name

I’m the one that got away, you’re gonna wish you had me back

Opened up to you because I thought you were gonna have my back

Looking back on it, to be honest, I got to laugh at that

Hit in the chest a couple times but still ain’t get a heart attack

I’m thankful, like Marshawn Lynch in Super Bowl interviews

I’m done opening up, be lucky if you even get a clue

Felt the ridicule, that’s a memory burned on my brain

I offered up my passenger seat? But now I’m staying in my lane.

Because I ain’t gonna trust the same, I don’t feel the same

Got outsmarted a couple times but at least I’m learning to play the game

Because watch this prince turn into a king like LeBron James

But even he ain’t get there by doing the same thing.

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