Blessings on Blessings on Blessings…

Things can get real when you least expect it
When you’re overlooked, you can get overzealous
Trying to level up, where’s my power pellet
Leaving my haters feeling so used and jealous
I am the truth, I have no need to embellish
They say I’m hot dogging, but please hold the relish
Listen to what I’m saying, please hear the message
It’s like I’m speaking scripture please hear the reverend
Just like a selfish person to never hear the question
That’s how you get caught with the misdirection
That’s how I got caught with a lot of shit
Presidential nigga dealing with the politics
They used to think that I was the problem kid
Now they use me as an example for all the kids
That’s gonna be a great story if I’m around to tell it
Call up Disney, convince their ass to sell it
I’m like Oh Lord, they were so sure that I’d be holding cardboard
Just because I was 6’3 and didn’t like playing ball on the hardwood
They doubted me but it’s all good, best believe it’s all good
Because I’ve gone farther than a lot of folks thought I could.
People worried pictures on an Instagram
I’m just worried about how am I gonna feed my fam
Haters are just misguided, they really fans
I’m fly as hell, I might not really land
People taking shots like the Southside of Chiraq
They say I’m the bomb like Iran and Iraq
Because no matter how much that I rant and I rave
My word can becoming upside down like bats hanging in caves
I’m the man in this city, they should throw a parade
Don’t be a blind follower, don’t just sip the kool-aid
Pressure is how all the fabulous jewels have been made
Just don’t get attached, don’t become a new slave
It can get a little nutty like mcdonalds parfaits
I said “Let me wife you” she told me to wait
My mom always made sure to tell me I’m great
God’s got perfect timing even when I be thinking he’s late
I stopped running my mouth, started getting in shape
Your logic is flaky like you’re making a crepe
Got holes in your logic like a grocery crate
I know some people who wouldn’t mind a hole in your face
If I have to be careful then maybe you should too
You’re starting to feel unwanted like albums from U2
You couldn’t find no damn sense with a blue’s clue
Looking for a girl who likes chocolate, treat me like YooHoo
Or maybe Nesquik if that’s more your pace
Trying not to lose all hope for the human race
Got to cancel these niggas like they’re will and grace
Like a damn astronaut, I hope they find their space.

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