The Pressure Cooker

Dealing with the pressure cooker, they say it bursts pipes
Some of the people I dealt with really don’t deserve nothing nice
Want to get these people out my hair like they’re freaking lice
People wanna throw shade on me, don’t you get I’m the light?
I can be petty, don’t you understand? I stay ready
These females’ dealings stay messy, my heart can turn to ice like Wayne Gretzky
Put your ass in a Best Western, gave up on you learning your lesson
They ain’t saying you’ll like me, but damnit, you’ll respect him
Or otherwise I’ll get to ejecting, fuck dealing with rejection
I mean of course, there are exceptions, but we will deal with those sessions
The pressure cooker can have a nigga straight stressing, got me feeling like the Jetsons
Looking into the future, trying to figure out my one direction
And I ain’t talking about the boy band, I’m talking figuring out a game plan
And to keep it 100 if we’re being honest, there’s some people that I can’t stand
You ever realize you’ll treat somebody great then realize they ain’t worth the effort?
Sometimes people only want to get next to you when they see you’re well connected
Sometimes I feel like I’m over discussed, like the topic of convos should never be me
Because most of these dudes see so little of the real me, it’s like they watch me on TV
Used to be told I had a face for the radio now I’m told I have a face for a rodeo
I ain’t interested in spinning around in circles, I don’t care about the merry go
Sometimes you gotta listen to the speakers like a stereo really pay attention to the audio
And while I previously mentioned my gameplan, I have to be prepared for the audible
Now I should let this woman have it for the disrespect I feel shown.
But I ain’t gonna do that, I feel grown. Turning the pressure cooker into my new home.

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