The Law of the Land.

It’s ok to doubt me, sometimes I doubt myself
I’m just trying to stack this money so you can’t doubt my wealth
Fuck these doubters, I’ve ignored them since I was child
I was a mellow soul but the hatred done made me wild
The hatred done made me stronger, they told me to hold on longer
They say I smell like success, they can pick up on the aroma
If you believe in me you’re a homer, who ain’t smarter than Homer
But I’m still swinging for the fences, trying to hit a couple homers
Like I’m Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds
Even through the bullshit, I still carry on
Dealing with all of this baggage like it’s a carry on
And people get surprised when I don’t write a merry song
Lost a few people that said they would never leave
Grew to depend on people I thought I’d never need
The greatest of all time, I’m just trying to plant the seed
They want to knock me out the game like Apollo Creed
Praying I don’t get yanked off the stage like the sandman
Walk to the beat of my own drum, one man band
The girl you fell in love with is someone else’s one night stand
Your “superstar” is someone else’s number 1 fan
Don’t mind me, I’m just stating the laws of the land
The type to put my hand on the bible if I take the stand
Counting all my issues is like counting sand
But I’ll accept it if it means I’m not just an also-ran
My mind is a monstrosity but it’s my property
Sometimes I think I might just compare to Socrates
Keep it 100, my patience can be as thin as a soccer tee
I just need to understand who actually rocks with me
Young playa preaching but the haters still reaching
If you ain’t working, you ain’t eating but you kick it every weekend
I pledge allegiance but I really don’t pledge agreement
If you got something to say, then file a grievance
They want me and my haters to battle it out in the coliseum
People use up the favors then they act like they never need em
People got to stop fronting for the groupme or the gram
Making all these conditions and demands, who you think I am?
Analyze what you’re bringing to the table before you request a plate
You can’t be on a ramen noodle budget, ordering steak
That’s what it is, it’s the law of the land
People all in my business like they’re Uncle Sam
Young playa preach, young playa preach
Got to keep your head on a swivel out here in these streets
Keep your mouth shut, got to guard against information leaks
So I’m gonna do my thing, you just be discreet

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