We Gon’ Be Alright

These dudes are playing checkers while I’m playing chess my nigga
I guess it shouldn’t be that hard for me to check these niggas
People really out here dying for respect my niggas
But 140 characters, one tweet is all they get my nigga
See I’m the type of person that can shine with no spray tan
I be hanging out with monstars, no Space Jam
Praying that I don’t fumble the rock like Demarco Murray
Got to be surgical with the shot like Stephen Curry
I need to stop fucking with women that treat me dirty
There was an appointment for my demise but I left it early
A little birdie told me that they were talking shit
But it’ll be the apocalypse before I worry about the politics
These people for everybody until it’s proven otherwise
A little overweight but my dedication/s never undersized
Can’t believe they didn’t think I would capitalize
But between me and you? I’m gonna be alright
Life is like a game and I’m running the pick and roll
They gave me a shot but thought it was gonna be give and go
Meaning they thought I’d give the opportunities right back to ‘em
But I can’t let the folks prosper who hoped for my ruin
Got to keep the grass low so I can expose the snakes
Need an authentication process to expose the fakes
The heat can get too hot, sometimes you got to lay low
Grind hard, shine hard and stack these pesos
Got to keep my plans covered up like I wear a peacoat
And don’t write me a song unless it includes some c-notes
Hace frio, that means I’m cold as hell in Spanish
Because we doing some major things & you don’t understand it
In order to live lavish, you have to grind like others can’t
You can either choose to mail it in or give life your own stamp
Build it from ground up, the stairway to success doesn’t have ramps
Got to take every shot because we’re not sure what’s our last chance
In order to be the man, you got to take the belt from the champ
You need to loosen up a little, or else you might just get a cramp
I be dealing with fools since the year after 1990
Got the world in front of me, got my friends behind me
The circle’s getting smaller too, like it’s going through liposuction
Hustle hard until you and yours need no introduction
But until then, introduce yourself with gusto and grace
And if a hater talk, scream we gon’ be alright in his face!

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