That One Time I Was in a Mercedes

Baby if you drive me crazy, can you at least give me gas money?
I ain’t rick ross, I can’t be blowing money fast honey
Sad state, one of the last real dudes in the tri-state
I speak that real shit sometimes these other dudes get irate
Got blinders on, can only worry about running my race
Got to grind hard because I’m a broke dude with expensive taste
Unfortunately, running your mouth won’t help you get in shape
Praying to God for clarity to help see the fakes
Keep my grass cut because that’s the way you see the snakes
Others winning can’t contribute to you having sour grapes
Put my filet mignon on the elevator, had to raise the stakes
I just wanted to be your favorite, we see how that worked out
I was so addicted to you, I looked into a hallway house
Got to break this addiction, even if it’s through subtraction
The way you was living rent free in my head you shoulda built a mansion
Sometimes I let things get to me, I blame that on my history
Because I used to give the world to people and now they don’t mean shit to me
So I keep the conversations surface level, less hard to get hurt that way
Some people can still see through you no matter the words you say
Like baby you gonna learn today, otherwise you gon’ catch this fade
Trying to become successful, you tryna catch this wave?
Working in corporate America? Call that 30 years a slave
But we do it anyway because these bills still need to be paid
How much money is your soul worth? We all gotta soul search
Trying to find my passion, wish God could give me alerts
Send some text messages to the iphone or something
Remember when I used to think 18 was grown or something
I might be on to something, I just need her to stop with the fronting
Turning nothing into something, turning flirting into cuffing
Trying to break into the discussion, I’m the best you never had
I been taught the game, too bad it wasn’t from my dad
Trying to get that new Mercedes Benz so I can stunt in the car lot
Trying to be great always finding myself stuck in the hard spots
Trying to find my love but I got it under a hard lock
Addicted to this life, keep it 100? It’s kinda hard to stop
Especially because everyone and they grandmother want to see you flop
Afraid of commitment so some of these women? You gotta window shop
Honesty is the best policy? I mean probably
It’s time to study this star, call it astrology

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