Monday Night Raw

I usually drop these on Sunday, sorry I’m a little late
Tired of fucking fakes, they want me to chill like TD jakes
They don’t understand the stakes, they don’t want me to be great
They stay talking shit but be smiling all up in my face
And they want me to respect it? Don’t you think that’s a little much?
People be telling big lies and wonder why I have little trust
Get the fuck from me with that bullshit, I ain’t speak to some in so long
They ask me why I’m nosy, because I know you speaking with code on
I feel like old Drake, I’m so far gone but this ain’t the same ol’ song
If I don’t rock with you, I don’t rock with you, ain’t no need to prolong
Why can’t we just be honest with each other? Imagine that
I’m serious like a heart attack, but I’m old fashioned like an artifact
People wondering about my season stats, I was taught not to get too attached
My mind? They think I’m losing that.. pardon me, I had to laugh at that
Wondering who really out here has my back, I know some, I don’t know others
Chicks wouldn’t even care if we were real brothers, sleep with one, sleep with another
And I know men ain’t shit either, let’s admit we’ll all diving in the sewer sludge
Success is addicting and the girl’s on drugs, I guess we both looking for the plug
Trying to show these hoes some love just to see they don’t deserve it
And I understand that we ain’t perfect but y’all ain’t shitness goes past the surface
Deep rooted insecurities, lies and fallacies about your purity?
Niggas pretending they pure as can be? Really, are you fooling me?
Who you feel the need to lie to? I been around the block a couple times
I been fed more than a couple lines, I have people who appreciate my grind
I have people who I wish appreciated it a little more but what could I really do?
Me and you? I have more to lose. When the alarms perks up I can’t hit snooze
Which path do you wanna choose? Which person you wanna be?
Am I not the dude you wanna see? Then why can’t y’all let me be?
When I don’t speak to you and I see you out, that silence is being polite
Because if you force me to use my words, it probably won’t be truly nice
Got some people asking for advice, just to discard it later
People act like being honest is equal to being a hater
But if I worry too much about what others say, I won’t be able to live at all.
Sometimes in order to reach your goals, you gotta do it a little bit raw.

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