The Faith

Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what I want to say
I just know that I want the sweet taste of success like crème bulee
Trying to be all my about my chips like Frito Lay, Friends asking each other “is he ok?”
One thing is for certain, I’m tired of being played, I be feeling like this ain’t just a phase
The hatred in my heart has made a craze, my determination has made a way
Like a durag cap be making waves, crazy how one comment can make your day
People taking shots? I say let the chopper spray, knowing me I got a lot to say
I honestly been going through a lot today, looking back on it I got to pray
Pray for my foes and for my friends, upgrade from the Chevy to a Benz
I got fragile in my heart I have to defend, certain realities I have to bend
Certain money that I have to spend, gotta take these hits on the chin
You’re either with me or against me, you aren’t on the fence
You’re either playing in these games or you’re on the bench
I was always the person they needed in a pinch, I know I leave these haters pissed
My heart got colder to match the neck and wrist bout to take over the game, I know it’s a risk
They way life goes, I know that it’s a bitch, I just got to hope the situation flips
Got to stay away from situationships, gotta wise up to the situation tricks
Too many people thinking I made it, shit. Got me asking why like Jadakiss
Gotta set it off like Jada Pinkett Smith, I know my father wished he had a peek at this
If I don’t make you proud then don’t make a sound. Call up someone to wipe me down
Gotta just do it like I pinned Nike down, those who hated, wonder if they liked me now?
Trying to have her tongue out like she’s Mikey now, she’s a knockout like Pacquiao
Got me spilling my guts like black and mild, I just hope someone can recognize
I’m just looking for something to incentivize, I done heard the bullshit I heard the lies
Got me feeling like my thoughts are televised, feeling like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky
Told my last that she wouldn’t find a better guy then she went and found a better guy
My life is no longer make or break, it actually turned into make and take
I’m starting to fully understand the stakes, keep squares out the circles, and understand the shapes
The way my life is moving, got to understand the pace, she says she needs time I understand her space
Black lives matter, don’t you understand my race? If life’s a game I’m running the base
I hate to feel like I’m running in place, your truth’s flakier than my crepes
Chasing after women is a fruitless chase, steal my heart? Then catch a case
Sometimes I think I can’t catch a break, it’s like I walked under 100 ladders
But when it’s crunch time and the shit really matters, I leave haters pissed off like bad bladders
Tired of asking for permission, I got bad manners. Didn’t plan my success? Get new planners
Trying to get my cake up, I got mad batter, haters swinging and missing, such bad batters
This world is crazy, it’s so mad Hatter, my demons chasing me, must run faster
I remember when I was called a young black bastard, not a lot could have made me madder
My circumstances could have made me tragic but I made ‘em disappear like magic
If this is my shot, I got to catch it, my car in the fast lane I cannot crash it
Because I’m too used to dealing with damaged, don’t know if I can handle it
They tell me to break a leg, Julius Randle it. Want me to fix everything on my Scandal shit
But sometimes you can’t gladiate everything, I ain’t Olivia Pope
I’m just a young black man looking for something to give me hope

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