King Calvin Part II (You Ain’t No King)

I called myself King and they said if I gave myself that moniker

“We’ll do everything in our power to demolish ya
We’ll do everything in our power to dishonor ya
You think you’re hot shit now? Let us check your thermometer
Do we really have to remind you of all your mistakes?
About that girl you lost that you struggle to replace?
Do we need to talk about the ones that lie to your face?
About your own family members who think you’re a disgrace?
Call yourself a king and watch these people laugh at you
You only don’t know it because we taught ‘em to act natural
You act like being a king is something causal?
Call yourself a king? Think we’re giving you a sabbatical?”

I said, nah, I’m prepared to work harder than I ever worked
People are doubting me? Man, that wouldn’t be the first
Yeah I know I got flaws, they aren’t exactly hidden
But that doesn’t even matter because the Lord told me I was forgiven
I’m supposed to be amongst kings, you can’t argue with what is written
Talk all the shit you want, you can’t distract me from this mission
Told ‘em I was gonna ball out like the ’04 Detroit Pistons
Told these people they can either get with it or get missing
Then they come back with,

“That was a pretty good speech.
But can you admit that you being king is a bit of a reach
Can you lead others, who the fuck are you gonna teach?
Counting all your failures is like counting sand on the beach
So you better come correct, you out of shape bastard
You failed at your first job, you failed at a rapper
You ever becoming a king makes me filled with laughter
That’s a fairy tale and there’s no happily ever after.”

I said, why worry about the future when I can create it
I’ll invite you to the coronation when I finally make it
You discourage me from taking shots, from fear I won’t make it
These folks are acting foul, personality getting flagrant
I said I’m a king, no need for a reminder
I just wish you’d keep your lips close like a tight vagina
I’m a king, if I was in college again, I just might go for Heisman
You say you want me to fail, at least you aren’t lying
You can tell me that I’m not a king, all you want
Remind me about these dreadful things all you want
But just because your personal preference is me cracking under pressure
Doesn’t mean I will, good night and God bless ya, I’m a king.

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