King Calvin

I’m a king in the city, getting championship rings in my city
Niggas was so broke all we could sell was dreams in my city
It sucks that in order to grow we end up leaving our cities
Because we’re the success stories that they need in the city
King Calvin, it’s more than a name, it’s like a prophecy
King Calvin, I don’t need your opinion about what I’m not gon’ be
Dealing with philosophy, I’m feeling just like Socrates
Got to calm down because my patience is thinner than soccer tees
I got to leave the bullshit behind me, focus on what’s forward
I’m a king of the court like the Cavaliers small forward
And if I’m fucking her then I bet she’s gorgeous
But focusing on just women isn’t what’s important
See I’m about to take what’s mine even if I have to do extortion
I’m greedy as ever, no longer just content with a portion
They calling me a monster, well at least call me proper
My name’s King Calvin driving the new phantom of the opera
But instead of focusing on the king we focus on the crown
We’re letting our materialistic images bog us down.
Don’t make me call up your girlfriend, have her wipe me down
Because she heard that a new version of royalty has entered town
You want high self-esteem well let me admit that I’m awesome
I’m allergic to your bullshit, peanuts and add pollen
If I don’t subtract her from my life she adds problems
I hang with future black billionaires, you can’t stop ‘em
Think you running some shit? You’re just jogging
Thinking that you’re adding creativity, you’re just robbing
Thinking that you’re really batman? You’re just Robin
Even if you add more problems to my life, I’ll solve ‘em
I’m King Calvin, don’t refer to me as a kingpin
I’m holding all of this shit together I’m like a lynchpin
There’s snakes in the grass, you can’t hide the snakeskin
You jailed yourself mentally, your brain’s in the state pen
Working on myself because self-work is the best work
Gotta increase your self-worth in order to increase your net worth
Increase your net worth by improving on your network
You miss all the shots you don’t take, improve on your net work
People impressed by me and they haven’t even seen my best work
Game so good, I’ll make a women flirt first
The come up came so quick, people wondering what happened
You thought my life was a joke, now it’s time to die laughing, King Calvin.

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