Make You A Star

What if I picked you up from your house? We should go out
I know you may have heard some things about me but that’s word of mouth
I can’t even describe to you the places I’ve been, so I won’t begin
Stop taking advice from your little friends, they just pretend
To care about you and your feelings but they have other reasons
They’re jealous, they don’t want you to reach your potential, they want a glass ceiling
They know that I could make you a star, I could make you a star
They know if we get together, we can go far, go very far
I’m talking about laying red carpet at your feet wherever you walk
I’m talking about having people hang on every word that you may talk
See a lot of these people don’t know power and baby that’s power
I can make you a star, I won’t promise you the world because it’s gonna be OURS.
Doesn’t this all sound good? This isn’t the life of your dreams
Because even the life of your dreams couldn’t compare to these kinds things
And we can make this happen if this is what you want it to be
When they talk about “relationship goals” they gonna talk you and me
They gonna put us up there with Jay&Bey or Kanye&Kim
Or Meek&Nicki, yeah they gonna put us right there, right next to them
That chance is floating right there on the water, you gonna sink or maybe swim
I can make you a star, I know I said it once, I’ll say it again
Even on days where you feel like a 5, I’ll treat you like a 10
But you gotta get on the field and play, on the sideline you can’t win
Are you prepared for the spotlight you’ll get, being my girl?
Being the one I thought was worthy of sharing to the world?
Because my next woman crush Wednesday? Would be the first
I had some who almost made it there but then I got hurt
And some of the hurt I’m still dragging but it made me an assassin
It forced self-improvement because I ain’t want a repeat ever try to happen
But enough about me, let’s focus on you, it’s all about you
Because the question is, what you trying to do? What you got to lose?
I understand there’s a lot at stake, I know the stakes
I know you’re busy girl, let’s be real. You got a lot on your plate
And if you ever need someone to help that out, girl give me a shout
I’ll be here before you know it and that’s guaranteed. Without a doubt
I’m just trying to make you a star, make you a star
You know what it is but do you know who you are? Do you know who you are?

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