The Flirtationship

I know we’re not together but sometimes we act that way
You the type of person to bring the sun out on a rainy day
But other times, you fall back like a Michael Jordan fade away
I call this a flirtationship because we don’t do this on a day-to-day
We go back and forth, we take breaks, we both fall back
But then we end up coming together, it somehow feels like we’re attached
I mean, we can pick up the pace or take some things slow
I want to pick you up whenever you’re feeling down low
Hell I just want to pick you up to show off my new whip
And drive you around town to show off my new chick
But wait, let me take a deep breath and rewind
Some relationships only last for 6 seconds with no revine
And if you act up, I’ll fall back like a recline
Baby what’s the word, are we something that needs defined?
You send mixed signals so I send mixed signals too
Maybe I’m childish but that’s what society taught a pimp to do
I pray to God that my girl will have never hit the crew
Or I’ll run away from the relationship and might forget the shoes
We can focus on the good parts or we can focus on the downfalls
I hate blowing your phone up but I hate being thirsty for a call
And please don’t ever be thirsty for my dogs
I’m just trying to figure out if you are down for the cause
You remind me of a Maserati because most people can’t handle ya
You see we’re both playing this game but I won’t let you treat me as an amateur
I need to not stress over things that I cannot control
And I can’t control what you feel down in your soul
Certain people are taking pictures and screenshots so I pose
I just hope I don’t get hung out to dry like your clothes
Everyone can try to be a player but only a few are the pros
You want me to fight for your love, want me to come to blows?
I won’t say I will and I won’t say I won’t
I actually care for you even though you tell me I don’t
Should I worry about the ending or just enjoy the ride?
I got an appetite for affection, are you an entrée or side?
This flirtationship could go in a couple directions
I was taught to not catch any feelings and make no exceptions
Well, I guess certain rules are made to be broken
But my trust issues will constantly prevent me from hoping
I’m a stand up guy that’s not immune to joking

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