Live For The Love

People think I fell off, I’m hoping I don’t prove ‘em right
Dealing with these crazy days, dealing with these lonely nights
Trying to be as big as I can, I don’t want to be scared of heights
Trying to experience new things, I don’t wanna be scared of life
Dying to be loved, would you die to be loved?
Is it better to be rich or would you prefer beloved?
They say that love is an addicting ass drug
Trying to subtract myself from negativity because it’s not adding up
It’s not adding up and I’ve about had enough
Friends not recognizing this guy because he’s angry as fuck
He feels isolated and he feels like he’s out of luck
I feel trapped in my mind, like I’m slowed down and stuck
Often times I wonder if I died who would care
Would people keep grinding, and not notice I’m not there
Dealing with life, I’ve been reminded, it’s not fair
But hopefully I come back better than LeBron James’ hair
I can’t tell who’s real and who really just fake cares
Got me looking downtrodden like Drizzy on Take Care
Wanna walk out of my life? Pick some shoes, I’ll buy the pair
The days of happiness are few and far between, it’s very rare
People keep doubting me, I used to fucking welcome it
Now I’m fighting a losing battle, ain’t no helping it
Either people are getting on my nerves or I’m getting on theirs
I ain’t playing no games with these niggas, I ain’t the country fair
I walk to the beat of my own drum, yeah I bought a snare
I gotta get my confidence up back to the levels of the mayor
To be honest, my soulmate probably out there being a hoe
We place too much value on money cars and clothes
Because if I ain’t got all three, I become less attractive
I look at myself compared to others and I feel less than average
If you want to be fly then you have to evolve from a maggot
If you want to survive got to learn to be a savage
Dealing with these hoes got me feeling faker than a plastic
Trying to expand my horizons, make my views become elastic
It’s pretty rare if I drop something on a non-Sunday
But this shit isn’t sweet, it’s not a fucking sundae
This world will eat you alive, treat you like an entrée
Flirting with my ambitions, trying to make success my fiancé
What have you done for me lately? Fuck your resume?
Niggas owe me a lot of things, I’m collecting debt today
I wouldn’t say women owe me sex but I deserve better treatment
Trying to rise from the ashes like I turned into a phoenix
You can call me a lot of things, bet I end up a genius
I’m the type that would probably be shunned by the elitist
Dying for some love, try to convince myself I don’t need it
The odds are against me, am I sure that I can beat it?
Damn that some real shit, I might have to repeat it
The odds are against me, am I sure that I can beat it?

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