The Quest for Immortality

I’m just sitting here thinking of how to achieve immortality
I always did everything motherfuckers asked of me
But now I feel like a lot of people are passing me
Seeing people ball out on Instagram like athletes
Got to be wary of social media, it can breed jealousy
You can imagine all the assumptions I had people telling me
Thinking they know me just because they know my @ name
I almost didn’t have the heart to tell ‘em things changed.
Came home for the community like I’m LeBron James
But relationships with certain people have felt strained
I don’t like feeling like this, I feel strange
Act like a superhero, ignore the fact I feel pain
So anxious, wondering what happens if I die today
Will my memory live or will it fade away
Is thinking who really cares about me so unusual?
If I die, who would be present at my funeral?
These are the questions that dance in my head during the late night
I’m grown now, Netflix is no longer considered a date night
But still everyone wants to know who I date, right?
The problem is, I’m not getting chose by “my type”
I’m reading some books on how to avoid settling
It’s about to be a wild ride, God told me to settle in.
Thinking about all the women from my past and present
If I did things different, would I speak a different message?
I can either be a pipe or a diamond when it comes to pressure
Treat every one of these poems like an open letter
She wants to know my issues, don’t know if I’ma let her
I don’t want to be vulnerable then regret her
I hate feeling like I’m in a rut or a standstill
Haters talking that trash that could overwhelm the landfill
Existing in this world is like navigating a minefield
We’re going to war and we’re doing it in the mind’s field
I’m just trying to be a legend, ain’t that more than precious?
Making calculated decisions, don’t ever call me reckless
Making calculated decisions, gathering information
Trying to pinpoint the moment where I’ll know I’ve made it
What’s good with having the world if you lose your soul?
Is having one girlfriend worth a thousand hoes?
These are the questions because I don’t really know
But I’ll guess we’ll find out together, here we go.

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One Response to The Quest for Immortality

  1. This is AMAZING!! I have had some of these thoughts and wondered if I was the only one thinking about those things.. Social media will get to you, you’re right!! AMAZING POST!!

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