Guest Post: Tie Me Down? by Sir Luscious RightFoot

“Hoes are like balloons, if you don’t tie em up, they’ll fly away.”

-Initial reaction to this was, “who in the hell wants to tie up a hoe”. Then my mind begin to circle this secular topic to find the underpinnings of the truth. There’s more to hoes than simply ‘hoeing’ right? When we discuss the precarious and rather undefined refined definition of a hoe, we come up with the same answers. “Man she be out here buss’n it open”. When in all actuality we have no idea what she is doing. Oh, and do not allow me to sculpt your views of hoes to be merely feminine. Males do not get the opportunity to escape the ferocity of such a disguising term. So if we are to “tie em up” does that stop one from being a “hoe”. Does somehow tying up a balloon strip it of its balloon-like capabilities? I did not think so. However, if you want that “hoe” to per from “hoe-like” duties for you and only you… Give up the ghost my friend. That will never happen. Tied up, down, in slip-knots, or Bantu. It’s never going to happen.

– Sir Luscious RightFoot

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