This Could Be Us

I have a couple of silly fantasies with a couple of silly women
Sometimes I feel like I’m the reason the friendzone’s invented
But I gotta keep my head up because I gotta keep my bread up
Because once I lose one, I gotta figure out who’s next up
This could be you but you messed up. You did it on purpose, fess up
I don’t trust these women, I feel like everything is a set up
But we could have been making big money, at least a few hundred
But the way you acting around me you’re acting like you didn’t want it
And if you act like you don’t want it then you don’t deserve it
This could be us but I decided to do it with a better person
Actually she’s kinda like you but a much more polished version
She knows my ego’s bruised and she understands why I’m hurting
If you got someone willing to give you the world, don’t blow it
Because they could be close to cutting you off and you don’t even know it
Probably tired of your nonsense and they don’t even show it
The grass is greener on the other side because you barely even mow it
Of course I want to be loved, I’m just like every other poet
The words I connect are crazy, on some Edgar Allen Poe shit
Left one chick because her nonsense, ended up in some more shit
Why can’t I find someone good? Man this is horseshit
But let me not get hostile, let me cool down like ceiling fans
If you treat someone like a star, they’ll probably treat you like a fan
This could be us, but you don’t deserve the man that I am
And you probably wanted too much of my cash like Uncle Sam
I really didn’t want to be petty but it’s coming off that way
I actually didn’t want to stop fucking with you, you chose not to stay
But I got a case of asthma so I can’t really afford all the chase
So instead of running after you, I need to run back to the bank
So have fun with those B+ players in your dating pool
You probably was one of those girls that people hate in school
And I’m not saying you won’t find someone, I’m just saying…
This could have been us but you wouldn’t stop fucking playing.

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