The Come Up

I been plotting for weeks, trying to map my come up
People wanna make up now, I prefer y’all don’t get done up
If people got an issue with me, I invite their ass to run up
Hands up, don’t shoot but why the people got their guns up?
I used to be cheesy like queso, 2015 I’m getting my pesos
My mindset is above your pay grade so don’t you increase my workload
I’m gonna be grinding hard as it is sundown until the sun’s up
Too focused on falling in love, now I gotta get my funds up
My bank account got to make more sense, grind hard gotta make this rent
I don’t need your negative opinions, keep your hateful ass two cents
Loose lips can sink two ships. People taking shots loading up two clips
People can act so childish, mentality like the combo of two kids
I’m really fed up and that’s what the truth is, it’s draining man it’s draining
People will do anything to become famous, even consider going brainless
Is it better to be known and hated or just simply become nameless?
This life seems so antiquated, I feel so damn overdebated
You think I would have been elated, this persona I’ve created
There’s real life cancer patients but I’m complaining over a broken heart
Complaining over the false starts, it’s hard for me to open up like lanes at Walmart
But in the bigger picture, my heartbreak doesn’t mean shit
They thought it was in my genes to fuck up like I’m a seamstress
Sometimes the 2nd to come gets the most love like a remix
If I told old me about my position right now he wouldn’t believe it
Because everyone in his life said he wouldn’t be shit
So I had to take another course of action, on my plan B shit
I’m just thankful I never had to purchase an abortion or plan B shit
It’s the little things that can turn into bigger things
Half naked on Instagram, expecting to be presented with wedding rings
Peddling these dreams hoping someone stupid will buy ‘em
I used to have these ideas but reality went and defiled ‘em
So I’m trying to start from scratch, build back up my courage
Realizing that I’m worth it, even though I’m not perfect
And the women I want aren’t perfect. On the waves of life I’m surfing
With success I’m still flirting, even though I’m still hurting
I’m still a damn good person, I need me rugs that are Persian
Because that’s a symbol of riches, that’s the symbol of riches…
I promised to treat y’all different because y’all treat me different
Life sucks, I think we get it. If you don’t change it gets vicious
But it can become ridiculous, whatever you do, I’m getting it
The jackpot? I’m hitting it, good luck convincing me to split the shit

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