The Switch Up

I promise not to switch up, I promise not to switch up
Some of these heauxs broke my heart then acted like it was a mix up
This drink I got, I mixed up. I usually don’t talk this big stuff
But girl I swear you make me catch my breath like I had the hiccups
On this road, we can’t get tripped up. Let’s cuddle up and make them miss us
We speak our own language so of course they’re not gonna get us
So don’t listen to those others, don’t listen to those others
I promise to always understand you even when we’re under covers
Excuse me, why you pausing? Don’t you think I’m awesome?
Is it bad I want to enjoy all of you early and often?
Oh you been hurt too? I get it, you know I do
If you give me all of you, that’s a gift I can never lose
You’re trying to ride, you trying to cruise? Don’t listen to your crew
I ain’t listening to my friends either, they shouldn’t know what we do
So baby I’ll keep it secret, send me pictures I won’t leak it
Why you carrying your concerns, I promise you won’t need em
You worry if I’m gonna switch up, just cast your worries aside
Why would I leave those hips, why would I leave those thighs?
Why would I leave that smile, could I really lie to those eyes?
I’m trying to be with you when you smile, trying to be with you when you cry
But I need for you to trust me, this is more than just getting lucky
I promise all men aren’t evil, my personality isn’t ugly
I promise I won’t switch up, I promise I won’t switch up
So let’s drive on this road, and not worried about getting tripped up
Our positions got switched up, in fact you need to get up
All those clothes strung around the bed, you need to get that shit up
I was talking that love stuff, you was eating that shit up
I don’t care if I hurt you, not my fault if you got mixed up
Used to love them and they left me so now I just leave ‘em
Sweetie you need to hurry up, aren’t you supposed to be leaving
I think I got a meeting, so I probably need to leave anyway
My past has turned me into Denzel on training day
Now that I’m balling a little bit, got to hit heauxs with the fadeaway
Got to thank my old homes, because they taught me, they paved the way
Used to be thirsty, got a Gatorade. Don’t be sipping that haterade
I try not to burn bridges but with you I might blaze away
You ask me why I do you like this, and my reply
One of us would eventually hurt the other, you know that’s not a lie
So I decided to do it to you before you did it to me
Now I got a long day ahead of me so I suggest that you leave

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