#SelfExpressionSundays: The Twilight Zone

Tip toeing in my Jordans like I’m walking through a landmine
Everyone else found their woman, I just want to land mine
Wishful thinking right? This why we started drinking right?
People be wanting superman but keep attracting kryptonite
You’re opening up your heart? Be careful who you invite
Wolves in sheep’s clothing and best believe those wolves will bite
The song fits me perfectly because I really do not have a type
Actually I do, my type is people I probably shouldn’t like
The friend zone is like the twilight zone, shit doesn’t make sense
You can obsess over women but that shit doesn’t pay rent
So I ignore my feelings, dive deeper into my poems
Dive deeper into my work, meanwhile my heart turns frozen
Try harder to understand because there’s comfort in knowing
I was too obsessed in finding bae, I don’t even live in Oakland
Get shut down so many times, you shy away from approaching
We pride ourselves on being closed out, no one wants to be open
I know I’m a great catch like Josh Gordon or Megatron
I know that I need some help, one of my friends could put me on
Like cups of that purple drink, I’m the one they’re leaning on
But when I need some things, most people just leave me alone
Like a fullback in the running game, some people just lead me on
Other people are just poison, I be like “please be gone”
Some women are like fast food, we want ‘em but they’re not good for us
People claim they’re friendly but don’t do what they should for us
Got to focus more on the good things and not the bad
It gets harder to see the happy when you’re consumed by all the sad
I have more self-control than you’ll ever know, crazy thoughts trickle through my head
I have secrets that I’ll never show because if I did I’m as good as dead
The friend zone is the twilight zone, where things don’t make sense
I can’t even pay attention to these girls, I swear I’m all spent
People think the best way to protect their heart is to build a tall fence
But it also prevents people from coming in, just my 2 cents
Just my two pennies, I could wake up in a new Bentley
And some girls I want would still just try to keep it friendly
Keep fucking around with those fuckboys if you want to girl
But don’t be surprised when the real players don’t want you girl
At this point, you can’t tell me that your decision doesn’t haunt you girl
You posting man crush Mondays but does he turn around and flaunt you girl?
Ok I told myself I wouldn’t be petty but I had to ask that question
Don’t like where your future’s looking? Why not head in a new direction?
To keep it all the way real, we all just need a little affection
Mixed with a little discretion, we’re all just chasing perfection
Sometimes I get a little off course, I just needed some course correction
My heart needs some disinfection, the darkness is starting to creep in
Put me in the friend zone? You’re sleeping on me, who said you can sleep in?
My character I have to defend, heart break I’m trying to prevent
Find someone for the moments, not just who you take to events
Everytime someone puts me in the friendzone, I take some offense
The friend zone is like the twilight zone, a lot of things don’t make sense

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