#SelfExpressionSundays: The Detox

I need to detox from women who aren’t shit
People playing the game but I got no time for the politics
Me and shorty been talking, she say that talk is cheap
I tell her don’t make a peep, because my people are still sleep
And we don’t wanna wake ‘em right? That’s what I say to her
She told me to get on my knees like I was trying to pray to her
I told her baby that’s not my religion or decision
She was trying to take my heart, she had so much precision
Whatever she wants, she usually gets it, didn’t deal with adversity
Shawty brain was crazy, graduated from the best university
To cut the bullshit, she was hurting me, digging me, she was scratching me
But I kept gritting my teeth because it meant she was attached to me
But later out of the blue, it felt like she was attacking me
Running through my mind like she was some type of athlete
Focused too much on her almost had success straight passing me
Focused too much on her, didn’t take care of myself adequately
I need a detox from ain’t shit women, and I say that quite adamantly
Holding on for dear life, I’m doing it quite admirably
But on behalf of me, my female friends will mess a chick up if I say the word
They’re liable to break your wings if you continue to act like a bird
Meanwhile to keep sane, I just continue to write these nouns and verbs
Vowing to detox from these crazy women, that’s my word
I have more baggage than the undercarriage of an airplane
Learning not to be mad at shawty, she was always gonna do her thing
But I just wanted her to do me, I was so very selfish in that respect
But I tried to give her a lot, the least she could do was give me respect
I just wanted her to ride for me, take that anyway you like
But when I realized I was never gonna be the center of attention, I took a hike
Pride is a funny thing, leaving holes in logic like it’s an onion ring
I know she’ll do her thing, and we’ll probably never be a thing
Learning to be ok with that, trying to not get these feelings back
Got to become a better me, I can actually control a part of that
Because momma told me that broken hearts can lead to heart attacks
So watch me use my heart less, don’t get mad if I’m heartless
Because I’m protecting myself from more stress, no need to pass your test
If love is war then I’m a war vet, trying to trade feelings for a corvette
Or mustang, or a range rover, you play with me and it’s game over
I need to detox from ain’t shit women so certain hoes can no longer stay over.

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