The Young OG’s Back

2015 is the year of the young OG
Everyone and their momma thinks they know about me
But they don’t know about me, they know of me, there’s a difference
I’m about to kill the game and I’m gonna make all of you a witness
It isn’t over until I say so and I promise I ain’t finished
Having feelings for someone? I promise I ain’t miss it
Every guy says the same but I promise I am different
If life’s a playlist, God is the DJ that mixed it
I’m about to use all these setbacks I had to bounce back
Don’t be so obsessed with cheese that you ignore the mouse traps
Kings never let their crowns fall even through the storms
The world fucks everyone over, it’s like we’re watching porn
My goal is to bring something valuable to my hometown just like LeBron
I don’t do this for anyone besides myself and my lovely Mom
About to steal the success right from under you, such a lovely con
Equipped with the Godfather offers, they’re about to make me Don
Back from my hiatus just to smile and hi haters
About to give you something to chew on like a now-n-later
My demons want me to come over with the darkside like Darth vader
That’s why I got to stay on my grind like a fucking skater
People believe in me now, they used to call me a fucking loser
Would you rather be underrated or overpaid like a ride from Uber?
People take shots at my character but they’re terrible shooters
I can’t mess with these girls my age, I need to find a cougar
I need to find inner peace, I’m still looking for it
This is food for thought, I’m still cooking for it
It’s like they want me to be angry, stop pushing for it
I fell hard for my last chick, no cushion for it
In fact I ran into my last chick dancing with another nigga
Two hours away from her hometown, go figure
Great way to start off the new year if you ask me
Need her to stop running through my mind, retired athlete
Felt like I was taken advantage of a year ago
Because in this society we don’t appreciate the heroes though
You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain
You can’t keep prodding the bear and expect him to keep chilling.

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